Palmer 2023-06-13

Sam Reed

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Dec 14, 2022
Palmer, MA
I had a great couple of sessions today. I'm not as fast as @RushR.Rentals by any means but I am learning and making progress to the tune of ~0.5-1sec improvement almost every time I go!

Here's the best lap. I was on track for a 1:45 but the AiM oil pressure sensor went on the fritz and started reading 80 to -40 psi. Naturally that got me off-track quick! The AiM sensor is only rated to 72psi, Blair tells me the cars have been shipping with a better sensor for a while now.

I've also attached the RaceStudio3 xrk.

I also got a nice drone flyover.



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you drive this track much different than I do and instruct/coach our renters to do.
things like from turn 10 to 12 your off throttle and your even doing your down shifting I'm on the throttle right until 11 at 11 I brake heading right at the work station go in a little deeper then do my turn in and start getting right back on the throttle. the gears I'm in are also different from what your in. I also rev the living hell out of the engines they don't start to live until your over 10K. I also open up turn 4 lots more staying more to the left coming into it. I hear it's not as fast but our data shows it's faster as when you can open up a corner like that more you carry more speed. I think the people saying to be mid track at turn in for 4 have not really just looked at the data right at 4 or must have high HP / Torque cars?
your also braking lots more longer and harder than we do.
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