Time To Go Racing!!!

It's that time of the year where the weather cools down and it time TO GO RACING!!!

We have Planned out one heck of a month coming up with events you can not miss!

Sep 29-Oct 1: Rush Battle of the South @ Nola:

Oct 8: Rush MX Spec Series @ Autódromo Miguel E. Abed, MX:

Oct 14-15: RUSH “California Dreamin” Invitational @ Sonoma, CA:

Oct 14-15: RUSH Florida Spec Series @ Sebring, FL:

Oct 20-22: RUSH “California Dreamin” Invitational @ Laguna Seca, CA:

Oct 27-29: Rush Texas Spec Series @ MSR Cresson, TX:

Nov 3-5: Rush Battle of the South @ Ozarks, MO:

Nov 11: Rush MX Spec Series @ Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez:

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or problems registering @ 713-542-9500 or Bhosie@rushautoworks.com

As always, you can see our events on our "Go Racing" page.



Check the shocks

I usually check my shocks every day before and after running out on track. I usually do 2 or 3 day events normally and I have a leaking shock the first time I took the car out. Sent it back to rush and ordered a front and rear to have as spares. So far I've have 1500 miles on the car and no problems since. I have this hooked up to a nitrogen tank in my trailer. Yes the set up is a bit costly but regular is around 600 bucks. Tank wad 300 and the hose and fill were little over a 100. Well worth the money though



I have a list of drivers (non RUSH owners) who want to rent 1 of our RUSH SRs for the Sonoma, Laguna Seca events this October. I have been holding off on them to allow a current or future SR owner 1st dibs to attend these events - which will be the largest gathering of RUSH SRs of all time.
If you would like to reserve a car for the event, please let me know by the end of THIS WEEKEND: Sept 6th. I HAVE 6 BRAND NEW CARS AVAILABLE.
I would much rather see fellow RUSH drivers come race with us and as such am offering the following package deals:
Rent a brand new RUSH (fully broken in) for $1,000/day which includes all consumables and shared mechanic - just pay for your entries separately. Make it a racing family vacation or just come join us. Fly in, spend the week in Northern California, tour NAPA, hang out in Monterrey and race two of the greatest racetracks on the planet. Experience the corkscrew! Enter 1 or both events.
Fill your bucket list at a (somewhat) budget price. You might not ever get a chance like this again! Let's go racin' boys!

DM me with any questions or to reserve your car today.
Jeff @ Fresno Powersports


  • Sep-17-2022-Nasa (Sat) [[73899955a1]] - Group E - Qualifying (Turn 11) - LS1_1333_Sep1722_1100...jpg
    Sep-17-2022-Nasa (Sat) [[73899955a1]] - Group E - Qualifying (Turn 11) - LS1_1333_Sep1722_1100...jpg
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Haul 5 SRs and stay under CDL - Aluminum Gooseneck Trailer

I have had a few people looking to be able to haul multiple cars. John and Andrew certainly put together a great package with a unique used gooseneck they found. Everything I looked at was either way to heavy or expensive until I cam across the all aluminum Sundowner Extra. The stock interior height is 7 ft. If I were to order one I would probably add 10-12 inches to that. But I have been seeing ones like this 38ft going in the low $40s which seams very reasonable for a base aluminum trailer. Add the 22 ft lift John installed in theirs and you have a 5 car hauler for a tad over $50k and wont need a CDL to run it! I have no experience with Sundowner so if you do please chime in!




Arrive and Drive Rentals Available for the California Invitational This October at Sonoma and Laguna Seca

Fresno Powersports is excited to offer 6 brand new fully broken in Rush SR racecars for arrive and drive opportunities for the upcoming California Rush Double Bucket List Invitational at Sonoma October 13-15 and Laguna Seca October 20-22 2023.

Rentals are open to anyone with at least hpde 3-4 experience or comp license holders and would prefer renting to someone willing to run all 6 days and both events.

Love to have current SR owners from the east coast arrive and race with us.

Rates are only $1000/day all in if rented for all 6 days and both events. $1250/day if only rented for either event with a 3 day minimum. Prices do not include entry and other race fees.

Potential Rush owners looking to experience the car before purchasing, we will apply a 25% rental credit towards the purchase of the car immediately following the event. Race it, then own it!

Contact Jeff @ Fresno Powersports at 559.760.3138 for more details.

Let's go racing!

Sprocket Mount Upgrade

We have seen a reliability issue with the original aluminum sprocket carrier, particularly on the drive by wire engine but not limited to it. A few of these failures have led to significant additional driveline component damage. Some of these failures certainly have been caused by the bolts in the carrier or sprocket coming loose which results in an impact loading on the drive keys.

As a result, and in an effort to increase reliability and reduce running costs we have redesigned the sprocket carrier moving to a steel design with larger clamping bolts.

For those who would like to make the switch to a higher strength mount new revised sprocket mounts can be purchased here
https://raw-parts.com/.../product/sprocket-carrier-steel/ !

If you have any additional questions, please contact Blair at bhosie@rushautoworks.com

Differential Plate Stack Settings

David Hosie submitted a new resource:

Differential Plate Stack Settings - Differential Plate Stack Settings

Blair has had a few people asking how they can adjust the differential lock up. We set the differential to the medium friction / medium lock-up configuration in the factory. Most of the time we leave it there and never touch it. If you find in a particular scenario you are spinning the inside wheel coming off a corner you can increase the differential lock up by adjusting the clutch plates to the High friction/ high lock-up configuration. Similarly if you find that power on exit is causing...

Read more about this resource...
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Seat mount punched through seat

I’m out at Road Atlanta this weekend and finally have my car functioning after having bad CVs (no grease from factory), bad shift arm mount, bad fuel pump, etc. Rush did replace the CVs and the shift arm at their cost.

I finally started being able to put down (decent-ish) lap times.

1:35-1:36s for those who are interested. The car really handles quite well. I find the airing of the shocks a bit annoying to have to do each day and hope they go to a different design at some point.

Going into a turn I am greeted by the sound of my seat mount punching through the paper thin fiberglass seat.


Has anyone sourced an actual safe seat for these cars? As it one that is made of thick fiberglass or Kevlar like a normal FIA approved seat for a racecar?



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How-To: Exporting a lap video from RaceStudio 3

If you want to export just a single lap from your video, you can of course use just about any software to do this from the raw file. But RaceStudio3 will also do it for you and cut it perfectly lap by lap. To do this, make sure the "Data-Movies" layout is visible on the right while you're looking at your session. It's the highlighted icon in red. You'll know it is active when you see the video inside RaceStudio 3 on the right.

Screenshot 2023-08-01 at 3.34.33 PM.png

Then, click the scissors to clip the selected lap. A dialog will appear for you to name the file.

Screenshot 2023-08-01 at 3.34.29 PM.png

That's it - easy as it gets!
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Lotus Tribute Car

Dave, Blair, Cale & Ben really knocked this one out of the park!

I styled it after the Lotus 311 I used to own. See the rest of the images below.

After breaking it in, I beat my PB by 2 seconds at Palmer ACW. Couldn't believe it. Fresher tires, maybe, and a bit more confidence with a tighter seat and a more comfortable seating position due to the 2" extended roll hoop.



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Smartycam Noob

Hi. I am an absolute noob with the smartycam. I purchased my Rush last year, but only had opportunity for 2 track days. I’ve done 4 days this year, and I’m finally trying out the Smartycam. I configured the SD card and ran 5 sessions today. I am sitting down at my Mac desktop (I know, it’s a Mac and not laptop), and am not able to open the files. I solicited assistance from my son (CS studies), and we connected the card reader to a PC laptop. He told me I need to install software in order to read the card.

Two questions:
1. Am I able to do this on my Mac?
2. What software program do I need, either Mac or PC?


Rush Series Rulebook mumblings

These are things in the rulebook that don't make sense. Some are borderline, some need to be reworded, and some should be changed outright. I'll try to post my reasoning for each. Items are only ordered front to back, in no particular order

Starting with 2.2.0 and quite possibly the most important one on this list - 1325# min weight means no one over 200 pounds can be competitive, period (with the ideal driver weight being 165-170# due to a typical wet car being 1155-1165#) - and penalizes cars further if they have add-ons like the extra fuel tank/system since this is just extra weight over the minumum. Unattainable weight target for a large portion of the driver field is not fair or balanced in a spec series. This can be addressed in a few ways - either raising it outright, or giving allowances elsewhere (see the aero complaint). These cars are only getting heavier.

The aero package restrictions in 3.1.0 (mostly the terrible chinese knock off wing) should not be a spec item. The "wing" is used very loosely here. Multiple users are seeing fatigue cracks at the wing mounts because of the poor to nonexistant quality of this part. Further, it's been well established that it functions extremely poorly and causes an immense amount of drag. If you don't want to ditch the wing restriction, allow aftermarket wings at a weight penalty (EG: +100# for aftermarket wing). Wings are inexpensive and a very basic tuning item, so it seems illogical to mandate a barely functional part that handicaps the car's performance. Allowing aftermarket wings at a penalty also puts a bandaid on the too-low minimum weight that exists in 2.2.0 and gives drivers a choice.

3.1.1 , 3.1.6, and 3.1.3 directly contradict each other. 3.1.1 states that body components/aero cant be substituted outside of original configuration. "or significantly Modified" should be added here for this to mean something. 3.1.3 says I can adjust "fitment" of my body panels. This is an extremely loose rule, because "fitment" is neither defined, nor is there a limitation placed on the fitment adjustment. See where this is going?

3.1.6 says I can remove forward faces on the fenders, which would seem to contradict 3.1.1since the fenders are now in a non-original configuration - though if you solely count it as an exception I guess it works.

3.2.1 prevents basic non-performance related modifications. Want a permanent mount for your camera? disqualified. Want a chain guard rivnutted into the chassis bar? Disqualified. "No chassis modifications shall be permitted under any circumstance." Wiggle room should be allowed for small, convenience modifications that have no effect on actual racing of the car

3.3.2 is a cash grab and unenforceable. "3.3.2 Only RAW factory or Denso OEM starters are permitted inside of the Rush Spec Series. Participants in violation of this section will be disqualified until the violation has been replaced or fixed." Are we worried about aftermarket performance starters upsetting class balance here? :LOL:
This rule also shits on drivers who lose a starter during an event and have to source one locally. It's bad, and it needs to go away.

3.3.5 is unenforceable. An engine "seal" is not keeping anyone out of the engine, nor are there established provisions for a challenge of legality or remediation for someone who gets torn down and found to be legal. This needs to be added.

4.2.1 the differential is allowed to be tuned but the springs and wing aren't? What planet are we on?

4.3.0 shouldn't exist because the spring rate vs wheel rate is wrong and you're preventing owners from fixing it. Additionally, springs are the most basic tuning item in race car history since the beginning of time, and you're taking away options from drivers. This is bad. This stifles car setup and creativity, and springs are extraordinarily inexpensive. Why does this rule exist? It's doubly strange because you offer two spring rates.

4.4.0 is counterproductive because it prevents owners from developing advances toward/fixing the known shock longevity issues and experimenting with better parts and wiper seals - which would serve no performance advantage. Racers with the willingness to source/maintain nitrogen gear already have an advantage over drivers using air alone at the track. This is bad because the whole of your ownership has more resources then the whole of DAMZ. If a better solution is found to some of the problematic parts and seals can be improved, it's never going to make it back to you because you've deemed it illegal in the first place. See also 3.3.5 above, there is no provision in the rules to make a challenge of another car / teardown parts.

4.6.0 doesnt quantify "pump gas," not that I want to spend the money on 93 octane MR12 - it will make 5-8 more horsepower. Ethanol free and oxygenated fuel will both make more HP then the something from the local corner store. A lot of racetracks have (only) e-free 94 at the track. This would be unusable according to your ruleset. Why? Additionally, as with the other already mentioned times above - there is no provision for a challenge of a car, test by official, or remediation.

5.0.0 Wider front wheels are allowed on the front according to the rush sr series rules, you just have to buy an extra set from Rush (lol). There is nothing in the rulebook stopping me from running 13x8.5 wheels all the way around, which will be faster then the supplied 13x7 wheels, even with the spec front tire - due to the superior contact patch.

Seperate from using two sets of stock rear spec wheels you will find no provision in the rulebook at all saying the spec wheels must be run in the first place. 3.2.0. and 3.3.0 do not specify wheels anywhere, 5.0.0 does not specify wheels. As much as you've said "only the stock wheels are legal" everywhere I look I'd expect to find it in the rulebook but it isnt there.

I appreciate your closing comments in the rulebook, specifically "It is impossible to write a rule that covers every angle that a person may choose to find
a loophole, to circumvent the nature or intent of our rule book." This is true. This is why I'm bringing a lot of this up now, before it happens at a track in some cases, or for general driver friendliness in the first place (springs, starters, min weight).

The rule-book shouldn't be restrictive for the sake of being restrictive, and can be made better while still keeping the spirit of a spec class alive. The bigger the class gets, the more important the backbone of the rules will become - especially when more sponsor dollars enter the pool and people have a larger incentive to find an edge over other competitors. Just my thoughts.

RUSH SR 2023 Fast Lap Battle

We thought this might be some fun! We are starting this tread as a living record of who has the fast lap at tracks across North America. We will update this post as times are confirmed. The rules are simple, it must be a RUSH SR and it must be you or the actual driver’s name must be disclosed.

For your time to be listed you must post in this thread with the track, configuration, the date, and the time claimed. You MUST then also attach the AIM .XRK session file that has your lap for verification. This must contain all the data. This will also help others access data for a fast lap for the track. This will help other owners and help make our racing more competitive. If you don’t like that sorry!

If it was an official event and timing and scoring had a faster lap for you along with the data send a screen shot of their time!

WAIT There’s More! At the end of the year, verified fast lap for each track will receive a trophy and some RUSH Swag!

Note: If you have any mods to the car, slicks, wing etc please note them. You time will still be listed but with that note. Also this is not a thread for discussion on mods etc, start a thread on that if you want to discuss it.

RUSH Lap Battle Times:

MSR Houston CCW Bhargrave 1:40.648
Calabogie Motorsport Park Long Track TimG 2:17.000
Calabogie Motorsport Park Short Track TimG 1:17.763

2022 Rush SR Chassis 74 for sale

2022 Rush SR Chassis 74 for sale.

Sarasota, FL

Call Ed Wyatt at 941-376-4902.

Excellent condition. 17 hours on engine.

The car has all available options such as:

SR Race Spec Package
RAW Adjustable Head Containment System
Carbon Rear Wing & RAW Adjustable Mount
Paddle Shifters. Pneumatic System (No lift shift, blip assist)
274 mm Billet Aluminum Brakes
Triple Roll Bar Structure
Composite Side Anti-Intrusion Panels
Extended Front Splitter w/ Adjustable Stays
RAW Brake Light System, Comprising 2 Rear Lights, Rain Lights
Brake Pressure Sensors, Wiring & Installation
RAW LED Front Running Lights
5 lb SFI Fire System with Mechanical Pull
SR LMP Style Carbon Fiber Wheel
Medium Seat

Data Logging Installed:
AIM MXS 1.2 Color Dash Data Logger
AIM DL ECU Cable & Installation
AIM SmartyCam 3 Sport & Mount, Cable & Installation

Other items:
2 @ 5-gallon fuel cells. You won't run dry during the session or race.
Formula style floor jack
Additional starter
Multiple filters and fluids
Additional lug nuts
Spare chain and removal/install tool
New body style
Battery trickle charger
Car cover
Two work stands

Two Sets of the following:

Braid 13 x 7" Front Wheels - NanKang AR-1 185/60 R13 (new tires)
Braid 13 x 8.5" Rear Wheels - NanKang AR-1 205/60 R13 (new tires)


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