Rush SR track day

I'm putting together a Rush SR owners track day ( IT'S NOT A RACE EVENT ! )
the location will be at Thompson Speedway in Connecticut on Saturday 9/14 the club I'm working with to put on the event is SCDA .
if you want to do the event go to and sign up for it.
the run groups are Novice , intermediate one , intermediate two and advanced you would sign up for your appropriate run group.
Thompson is a fun track with nice garages and loads of parking.

if you have questions you can email me at
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Brake Pad help

Hi fellow racers. I've just picked up my Rush and have done about 1.5 days at a track I'm very familiar with. I did the brake bedding with engine break in on first session. As i started to push the car, i developed a long brake pedal. Not fade, but just not much stopping power. After discussion with David, I did an abrasive treatment to the pads with some of the finest concrete in SW Michigan (no sand paper available).

Sure enough, the next session went back to the long pedal travel, almost no initial bite on the braking. I have the bias at 58% front. This track is not a heavy braking track either. 1 moderately heavy braking zone, 2 moderate. remainder are mild braking events.

So, I'm guessing its my braking style... Has anyone done research on different pad compounds? (I did do a search here, couldn't find anything...)


For Sale RUSH Chassis #005 - $39,500

For Sale

Rush SR Chassis Number 005
Car Won Florida Rush Series Championship in 2023.
Recently Aligned- Corner Weighted
New lithium Battery.
Sliver Painted Body Work
Clean and in great shape
Extra Set of Wheels Brand New in the Box
All fasteners switched out to steel locking nuts.
Fluids all changed.
~45 hours on engine start up immediately
RAW Pneumatic Paddle Shift System / No Lift Shift with Blip Assist
Carbon Fiber Dash
Upgraded Steering Wheel
Carbon Fiber Rear Wing
SFI Fire System

*** Full Disclosure when leaving a right hand corner the car had a miss fire last time out. ONLY when leaving right hand corners possibly fuel pick up related.***
- Happy to discuss in detail anytime. Selling as will be spending time on new project.

$39,500. Price lowered
Located in Tampa, FL

Please email at
Cell 813-919-6526


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FOR SALE NEW Just arrived @ Podium CLub AZ

Brand new Fully Loaded

Just arrived and Prepped @ Podium Club in AZ ready for delivery!!!

Has not been run with the exception of supervised break in on delivery day.

I purchased this Car for use and entry to the upcoming RUSH race series - Unfortunately I am going to be in Hawaii the next 18mo with limited availability to take the time to travel back to participate in varrious serious series weekends. Putting the car in storage here in AZ seems a waste, Id rather give this car up and repurchase a RUSH once my projects are complete in Hawaii and I have the time to be in AZ.

Package Includes Spare Set of Wheels and tires (Never mounted)

SR01-06 Rush SR 1
SR01-07 Rush SR Race Spec Package
11800 Wind Deflector
12500 SR X Splitter
12600 SR Billet Splitter Brace
21201-MU RAW Fiberglass Seat upgrade, Medium
21203-U Sabelt Enduro Sivler Upgrade
21400 5 lb SFI Fire System with Mechanical
Pull & 3 Nozzles
23800-U SR LMP Style Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel
34400 Shock N2 Upgrade 4
51960-U Braille Lithium Ion Upgrade
51961-U Braille Lithium Ion Upgrade
51B00 Rush SR Rollbar Light
52200 AIM MXS 1.2 Dash Logger 1 2,5
52400 AIM DL ECU Cable & Installation
52600 AIM Smarty Cam 3.0 GP, Mount & Installed
80610000 SR Billet Sprocket Cover
20004+1 1" extended roll hoop
32004-C Powder Coat Roll Bar Cover, chassis color

TOTAL $58.660.00

All added Boxes/Packaging for added accessories included (Aim system., Camera, & Belts)

Delivery to You Possible (additional fee) - Also possible to host you for the Day/Weekend @ Podium Club for Delivery and Inspection from Dealership Mechanic

Can Email any additional details or answer any questions.

I am currently in Hawaii and on HST so when calling please be aware of time zone.



Hello From Wi!!!

Good morning all. Cheddar from WI. (Real name!) I own WI Motorsports (Repair and modification shop) and am not new to the race scene. We’ve sponsored many race teams, in many different formats, both on and off road, 2 wheels and 4. Lately, I've desperately wanted to get on track myself, instead of doing all the maintenance/sponsoring side of things. However, while deciding on a race car, I didn't want to break the bank. I also wanted to really showcase what the business could do.

I original purchased and built up 2 DF Kit Car Goblins, one supercharged, one turbocharged, and did have a bunch of fun with them. Breaking down a SS cobalt, reworking a wiring harness, and basically building a car step by step was an experience and was definitely rewarding when completed. Won just about every car show it was in its first year!

However, when it came to actually doing track days with it, I found it almost impossible to find a suitable class, or enough of them to actually compare times/setups with. Even getting the car to pass tech at the majority of tracks was extremely hard. Usually placing my vehicle in a class of either absolutely radical builds, or simply not allowing it on course due to the open wheel concept. I thought I was doomed. Until an event I attend every year (Gridlife) mentioned a race series called - Rush SR. One Google search later - HOOKED.

Now that I’m focusing more on track time, either time attack, or W2W action, I’ve signed up for several driving school programs which I definitely feel will be beneficial. The problem with the Goblins is there is no class and a good probability I’ll be shunned away at tech. Also if I crash, parts are all custom and the company that does assembly these are very poor at getting back to their customers.

(Thanks for listening to my back story) So the other day, I ordered my rush, and now look forward to having a more acceptable race car. I do have a million questions that I’d love if a few of you could answer.

- after your initial order, how long does it take for completion on average?
- are there certain parts/option you can add at ordering that absolutely necessary vs installing on your own or skipping all together?
- with this being an actual series, is there like certain parts you can or can’t install with the risk of being disqualified.

Appreciate your response in advance and look forward to becoming part of the community.

I'm a Rush owner!

Hello everyone, I am now officially on the order books for a new SR. I live in eastern Ontario Canada and travelled out to Calgary in late August to visit Turn17 Garage and try out the Rush. Seeing it in the flesh for the first time when I drove into the track, I knew right then this looked like the car for me! After the first session I knew I found what I was looking for, and the second session solidified my decision, what a RUSH! I can't wait for the spring and to get the car.
I raced motorcycles of all types for 45 years, (off road and track). Being a purist at heart, roadracing 125 and 250cc Grands Prix bikes was my big passion, small lightweight bikes with great power. After a very bad motorcycle accident and not being able to ride anymore, I was missing the track real bad. I had looked at the SR previously, but the company was just starting to sell the car so I decided to try out a C7 Corvette to do track days with. I love the car, but consumables are very expensive, it's still a bigger car, and I knew smaller and lighter was the way to go. So back to the Rush it was and now I have one coming, woohoo! Look forward to meeting some of you in the future. Cheers.
Steve Busby




2022 Rush SR Chassis #28 for sale.

$42,000 + tax
Annandale, NJ

Call Kurt at 908 303-6299

Excellent condition. (Fewer than 10 track days on this car)


RAW Pneumatic Paddle Shift System / No Lift Shift with Blip Assist
Carbon Fiber Dash
Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel
Carbon Fiber Rear Wing
AIM MXS 1.2 Dash Logger
SFI Fire System with Mechanical Pull and 3 Nozzles

RAW Race Spec Package, Comprising:
-RAW Adjustable Head Containment System
-Carbon Rear Wing & RAW Adjustable Mount
-Extended Front Splitter w/ Adjustable Stays
-RAW Brake Light System, Comprising 2 Rear Lights, Rain Lights, Brake Pressure Sensors, Wiring & Installation
-RAW LED Front Running Lights

New Member and new Rush!

Hi All,

I am a new member and the proud co-owner of chassis #142.
We purchased our Rush from Bruce Meyers of Meyers Performance who is a member of Club Motorsports in Tamworth NH which is our home track.
Bruce has a Rush at the track which we were able to test drive and once we did we were hooked! My friend and I are both Porsche owners (Cayman GT4 and S) but wanted to experience a new type of vehicle (and one with lower operating costs!).
We have only tracked the Rush two days so far and just finished the break in procedures. All I can say is “Wow”! What an amazing car and so much fun to drive. It has far exceeded our expectations. I am looking forward to getting more seat time and really experiencing this machine.

This is the 5th Rush that has been sold to a member of our track and it is due to the incredible support and enthusiasm from Bruce at Meyers Performance. Having him onsite to support Us has been invaluable.

Looking forward to learning more from the Rush community on this Forum.

Picture of me during a break in session and of our car next to Chassis #141.



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Moving on from Thunder Roadster GTR, looking for new home

Hi all-

After a rookie season in Thunder Roadster GTR in the NASA Great Lakes region, my driver/son and I are looking to move to another car. The Rush SR and the NP01 are both pretty high on our list.

I've yet to see a Rush SR up close as nobody is running one in our region- does anyone here on the forums have one on order planning to run it around the Great Lakes region?

We're planning to skip Ozark as we have buyers looking at our car and it's a bit of a haul, but if any Rush owners have a second car for an arrive/drive opportunity for Ozark message me at 314-420-6968. Otherwise we'll look for some Texas/Florida opportunities later this year or early spring. Thanks!



I have a list of drivers (non RUSH owners) who want to rent 1 of our RUSH SRs for the Sonoma, Laguna Seca events this October. I have been holding off on them to allow a current or future SR owner 1st dibs to attend these events - which will be the largest gathering of RUSH SRs of all time.
If you would like to reserve a car for the event, please let me know by the end of THIS WEEKEND: Sept 6th. I HAVE 6 BRAND NEW CARS AVAILABLE.
I would much rather see fellow RUSH drivers come race with us and as such am offering the following package deals:
Rent a brand new RUSH (fully broken in) for $1,000/day which includes all consumables and shared mechanic - just pay for your entries separately. Make it a racing family vacation or just come join us. Fly in, spend the week in Northern California, tour NAPA, hang out in Monterrey and race two of the greatest racetracks on the planet. Experience the corkscrew! Enter 1 or both events.
Fill your bucket list at a (somewhat) budget price. You might not ever get a chance like this again! Let's go racin' boys!

DM me with any questions or to reserve your car today.
Jeff @ Fresno Powersports


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Haul 5 SRs and stay under CDL - Aluminum Gooseneck Trailer

I have had a few people looking to be able to haul multiple cars. John and Andrew certainly put together a great package with a unique used gooseneck they found. Everything I looked at was either way to heavy or expensive until I cam across the all aluminum Sundowner Extra. The stock interior height is 7 ft. If I were to order one I would probably add 10-12 inches to that. But I have been seeing ones like this 38ft going in the low $40s which seams very reasonable for a base aluminum trailer. Add the 22 ft lift John installed in theirs and you have a 5 car hauler for a tad over $50k and wont need a CDL to run it! I have no experience with Sundowner so if you do please chime in!