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  • I would like to introduce everyone to Samuel Reed. Some of you will know him from the FB users’ group, he is the owner of the bright yellow car. He is also now an owner in Rush Auto Works Inc. Sam has come onboard and made a substantial investment with the company to allow us to dramatically increase our inventory levels.

    As you are aware supply chain was our bane last year. Sam’s investment will allow us to increase inventories to a level where supply interruptions should not affect us nearly as dramatically. This will allow us to scale our production and finally get more cars out faster! It will take time, but we are excited for 2023 and seeing the results of this ourselves as I am sure you all are too.

    Sam is also an exceptional programmer and has set a personal goal to help us automate many of our daily functions, improve customer and dealer networking and build a superior community. Please join us in welcoming Sam into the organization.

    Part of his first efforts in this has been to build this foundation for a new RUSH Community platform. This has been launched and will certainly be a work in progress for some time. Our goal is to get every single car owner and customers whom have ordered a car registered into this community within the next few weeks.

    We have discussed big plans for the community, customer build progress, event pages, dealer information automation, even the potential for live streaming from members cars. All of this is possible but can only work if we launch hard by getting everyone registered. Its regular web based, nonsocial media base, which so many of our customers appear to hate. Hopefully this will encourage everyone to adopt it as our new home.

    Register now and then please make your first post even if it’s just some holiday banter.


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    Sam Reed
    Sam Reed
    Thanks for this post, Dave.

    I'm very happy to be a part of the journey now and to lend a hand, both on the financing / inventory front, and on the technology front.

    It is my goal to supercharge the growth of Rush Auto Works. The concrete version of that is a doubling of deliveries, streamlining of internal processes, technology automation, and a revamp of the online experience from ordering to community.

    RAW builds some of the most fun cars on the planet for an incredible price. You know that - it's why you're here. Look out for some great new features on the site this quarter, and for us to start pushing the envelope in noticeable ways by the summer.

    Also, if you're reading this, welcome to the new group! We hope that the platform works well for you. If not, it's my fault, so please send me a DM here or email (sreed@rushautoworks.com) so I can fix it!
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