famous driver loved the rush car!


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Jan 10, 2023
Whitneyville, CT 06517
because of our agreement with the driver I can not say his name or the factory he drives for but trust me I would love to.
when the driver booked a rental I saw his name and said no it could be him.
we ask for the renters driving experience as we do not rent the cars to novice drivers so I get a text with his driving experience with a no I'm not a novice !
my reply was no far from it!
the morning of the event the driver shows up very low key and with all new driving gear from head to toe because he couldn't wear his regular driving gear having his name and the car manufacture he drives for on it. it would be really bad if it got back to the factory he drives for and worse if he was wearing anything with the name on it.

the reason why he was looking to rent a car for the track we went to was because he like I are not big fans of sim's they are a OK tool and are fun but we both prefer to drive a real car on the real track.

He had a total blast driving the rush car. we rent the cars in 100% stock spec trim . we did take out a bit of the understeer but because we rent to such a vast group of different level of drivers we do like the cars to have some just to make the cars safer for the lower level of drivers because understeer is safer than oversteer. he and I both like a car with a bit of oversteer as most drivers do with more experience.

we were talking between run sessions of things we could do to make the car better handling wise. but he did say out of the box as the car is stock it's just fun to drive. the car is very nimble gives great feedback he was also saying you can make the car do what you want it to do very easily .
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