Brake Pad help

Update: Full fluid flush did not help my braking issues. At Mid Ohio, same issue with the long pedal and poor feel. I switched the front only to the DTC60 and my braking experience was completely transformed! They were absolutely perfect for my braking needs. firm pedal, right at the top. great initial bite and easy to modulate release. no fade. this is the pad i'll be using going forward. Whether i switch the rear pads to DTC60 or something other is TBD.

Thanks again for all of the inputs.
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Rush SR track day

I'm putting together a Rush SR owners track day ( IT'S NOT A RACE EVENT ! )
the location will be at Thompson Speedway in Connecticut on Saturday 9/14 the club I'm working with to put on the event is SCDA .
if you want to do the event go to and sign up for it.
the run groups are Novice , intermediate one , intermediate two and advanced you would sign up for your appropriate run group.
Thompson is a fun track with nice garages and loads of parking.

if you have questions you can email me at
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Hello From Wi!!!

Hi Cheddar,
The Rush is a great car on the track. My home track is Road Atlanta, and I have also had it at Barber and AMP. I do more HPDE (DCRA, PCA and CHIN) than W2W in NASA righ now, but in the past have raced an SRF3 in SCCA. The Rush is more fun and is nimble in traffic.

I have a crew member with me for events and have a mechanic, because that end is not my thing. I find the cost very reasonable, particularly tires and other consumables.


FOR SALE NEW Just arrived @ Podium CLub AZ

Brand new Fully Loaded

Just arrived and Prepped @ Podium Club in AZ ready for delivery!!!

Has not been run with the exception of supervised break in on delivery day.

I purchased this Car for use and entry to the upcoming RUSH race series - Unfortunately I am going to be in Hawaii the next 18mo with limited availability to take the time to travel back to participate in varrious serious series weekends. Putting the car in storage here in AZ seems a waste, Id rather give this car up and repurchase a RUSH once my projects are complete in Hawaii and I have the time to be in AZ.

Package Includes Spare Set of Wheels and tires (Never mounted)

SR01-06 Rush SR 1
SR01-07 Rush SR Race Spec Package
11800 Wind Deflector
12500 SR X Splitter
12600 SR Billet Splitter Brace
21201-MU RAW Fiberglass Seat upgrade, Medium
21203-U Sabelt Enduro Sivler Upgrade
21400 5 lb SFI Fire System with Mechanical
Pull & 3 Nozzles
23800-U SR LMP Style Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel
34400 Shock N2 Upgrade 4
51960-U Braille Lithium Ion Upgrade
51961-U Braille Lithium Ion Upgrade
51B00 Rush SR Rollbar Light
52200 AIM MXS 1.2 Dash Logger 1 2,5
52400 AIM DL ECU Cable & Installation
52600 AIM Smarty Cam 3.0 GP, Mount & Installed
80610000 SR Billet Sprocket Cover
20004+1 1" extended roll hoop
32004-C Powder Coat Roll Bar Cover, chassis color

TOTAL $58.660.00

All added Boxes/Packaging for added accessories included (Aim system., Camera, & Belts)

Delivery to You Possible (additional fee) - Also possible to host you for the Day/Weekend @ Podium Club for Delivery and Inspection from Dealership Mechanic

Can Email any additional details or answer any questions.

I am currently in Hawaii and on HST so when calling please be aware of time zone.



Moving on from Thunder Roadster GTR, looking for new home

Hi all-

After a rookie season in Thunder Roadster GTR in the NASA Great Lakes region, my driver/son and I are looking to move to another car. The Rush SR and the NP01 are both pretty high on our list.

I've yet to see a Rush SR up close as nobody is running one in our region- does anyone here on the forums have one on order planning to run it around the Great Lakes region?

We're planning to skip Ozark as we have buyers looking at our car and it's a bit of a haul, but if any Rush owners have a second car for an arrive/drive opportunity for Ozark message me at 314-420-6968. Otherwise we'll look for some Texas/Florida opportunities later this year or early spring. Thanks!

2022 Rush SR Chassis #74 for Sale

Hi Red333, Im not sure why #74 comes up under our account. That was not our car. Sorry for the confusion. I do believe that one sold a few months ago. We recently listed #28 for sale, but it has been sold also. We doe have chassis #189 expected to arrive in our showroom in February.
Thank you for the reply. I’ll be interested in knowing about that chasis. You can contact me directly to my email ( when the time comes. Thank you

VIR PCA Event Nov 17-19

It was a good 5 days. Started with 2 days on the Patriot course with Kaizen Autosport to brush up on race craft skills. Highly recommend Kaizen. Car was immediately quick (50sec laps with more to get after) on Patriot, a short course well suited to the Rush. I was down for a bit with a TPS failure, but thanks to Bruce (and shout out to Rush owner John), I was back up and running to explore the pace on VIR. First time at VIR full course so not quite using all the track yet. Still, got enough pace to see the magic of the uphill esses and south bend. Carolinas PCA was extremely helpful and welcoming. Hope to be back next year. Thank you Bruce for all your support... pretty amazing.

I'm a Rush owner!

Hi Bruce, thanks for the welcome. I was talking to Cale a couple of weeks ago and he mentioned you were in NH. We had just got home from Billerica MA the day before.
I checked out your track today and it looks amazing! You are about 7 hrs from me, but I’d love to come down and spend a couple of days there if possible.
I was a big Ducati fan and raced at Loudon, back when it was Bryar Motorsport Park, so I might have been at your shop as well! I raced at Mosport and Shubie in the 80’s and 90’s, so our paths may very well have crossed.

New Member and new Rush!


Thanks for starting this. For the group, Gene and friends bought ours together, mine is chassis 141. Couple more in the area are expecting theirs shortly.

The car is laugh-out-loud fun, a great learning platform, and comes with the exceptional support from Bruce. He and Susie have made the process so easy. Bruce has a unique trait that he combines patience (acquainting us to its operation and care) along with a get it done approach... and personally is just such a delight to be around.

This car also will take about $15K of running costs out of tracking my GT3 (would be a ton more if I track day insured it). I know, I made the cardinal mistake of tallying track day costs.

Shout out to Matt Romanowski and the AiM team for all the help getting me up to speed on the Dash Logger and SC.

Also special mention to Jim, Mike and the team at Club Motorsport to offer such a wonderful venue to begin and enjoy this journey

Looking forward to a Kaizen Autosport 2 day event and then the 3 days with Carolinas PCA at VIR week after next.


2022 Rush SR Chassis #28 for sale.

$42,000 + tax
Annandale, NJ

Call Kurt at 908 303-6299

Excellent condition. (Fewer than 10 track days on this car)


RAW Pneumatic Paddle Shift System / No Lift Shift with Blip Assist
Carbon Fiber Dash
Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel
Carbon Fiber Rear Wing
AIM MXS 1.2 Dash Logger
SFI Fire System with Mechanical Pull and 3 Nozzles

RAW Race Spec Package, Comprising:
-RAW Adjustable Head Containment System
-Carbon Rear Wing & RAW Adjustable Mount
-Extended Front Splitter w/ Adjustable Stays
-RAW Brake Light System, Comprising 2 Rear Lights, Rain Lights, Brake Pressure Sensors, Wiring & Installation
-RAW LED Front Running Lights