Solo track day

I have the only Rush in Ontario, Canada. Track and race it alone. Body clamshells are a bit awkward but not particularly difficult to remove alone (I’m 65, 5’7, 172lbs). Electric winch and battery in the trailer makes loading and unloading easy.
At my track, can’t race it against sedans, so race in Formula Libre against open wheel cars of all kinds and Radicals. Won my class yesterday. EVERYONE (racers, stewards, marshals, spectators) asks me about the Rush, nothing but compliments on its looks performance and it’s engine wail. It is a blast to drive! Honestly, for the money you cannot get a better race car.

Solo track day

I reached out to a guy on the other side of the country selling a Rush SR. He responded

“Let me know if you're still interested. My main reason for getting out is my track buddy quit cold turkey, and this car is not solo-friendly -- a helping hand is almost required to remove the bodywork and you have to remove the bodywork every session.”

Almost all of my track days are solo. Will this be an issue?
I solo mine and taking the body off and on alone hasn't been an issue I've gotten it down to both front and rear off in less then 3 min

dead pedal

as we are doing a few pedal box repairs it got my wife and I thinking.
I guess if your only using your left foot to do all your braking having a dead pedal is a problem.
my wife and I use both feet to do our braking depending on the corner and how we need to use our brakes.
at times we will be flat to the floor on the gas and touch the brakes with our left foot to put weight on the front wheels to get the car to turn in like for the up hill at lime rock.
not having a dead pedal is like when I have been driving a manual shift car and I get into an automatic my foot goes for the clutch pedal that's not there.
last evening I started to design a dead pedal that bolts onto the foot plate of the pedal boxes.
I've built a heel holder in front of the brake for left foot braking and also allows me to roll over it to fully engage the clutch in a heart beat