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Jun 9, 2024
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Looking for advice in the differences from the 1st gen cars to the current model.
What are upgrades to the 1st gen cars are a "should do" and what upgrades are a "nice addition" but not a "must do"?
Are there any specific problem areas with the early models I should be looking for?
I'm thinking about buying a used car for my first Rush SR to learn with rather than a brand new one.
Any advice offered will be appreciated!
I typically resist calling it a “generation” as the changes are smaller than that and do not affect performance.

The main difference is the electronics. The newer motors are drive-by-wire (DBW) and communicate via CANBus instead of KLine and, on the bike, had some nice convenience features and expanded traction control. All of that is turned off for the car. Hp and torque are the same. Reviews of the GSX-S1000 GT expand on this.

The main exception is the auto-blip and throttle cut, which was managed by the RAW GCU and is now managed by the Suzuki ECU on the DBW motors. As a result, shifting at lower RPM (ie in the paddock) is a little smoother and more civilized. It makes little difference on the track.

Additionally, the throw on the DBW throttle pedal is slightly shorter. The throw on the cable-driven car can also be adjusted via a smaller pulley.

As the Rush SR is a spec series, there are not significant power or weight differences between the cars, and the update to the motor’s electronics does not have a meaningful impact on performance. Other items in the car, outside of those needed to support the DBW pedal and shifting, were not changed at the time of the motor change.
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"The throw on the cable-driven car can also be adjusted via a smaller pulley."

Has anyone ever found one of these? Now that I've got the Trident, the throttle throw is my #1 gripe about the car.
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" "Trident" as in the trident cockpit? Did you ad this to your car? "

Yes. Myself and Brett DiGiacommo both recently had it installed by RAW.

So.........does anyone know where to get "a smaller pulley"?
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We service cars from 00004 to 00213 and through the range there was a number of changes made overall I find that their is a significant difference between the new and old cars. There is nothing that effects performance but there are numerous refinements that have been made to the latest chassis. David and Patrick have really worked very hard to listen to customers and dealers to continue to refine while they scale and build an amazing series!

Here is a quick summary of the changes we have seen though I know there are many more:
  • DBW vs Cable Throttle
    • The Cable Throttle cars used K-Line Communications instead of Can-Bus
    • As mentioned above this lead to a different GCU and shift system
  • They have had a few different seats
  • Changes to the Differential (Internal Washers & Addition of Shear Pins to the Differential Input Driver)
  • The wiring for the later model cars was tidied up
    The original cars did not have the carbon dash
  • On the early cars the body work was different & not compatible with the current cars
  • Upgrade Options
    • SRX Splitter
    • Nitrogen Reservoirs for the Shocks
    • Trident Roll Bar
    • Approach Light
    • Dual Fuel Tanks
    • CNC Splitter Brackets
  • Early cars had a Carbon Kevlar side intrusion panels
  • Very early cars did not have the side impact bars
  • Up to about a year ago the pedal boxes were powder coated
    • This was a great step so that they structure could be easily inspected for cracks & defects
  • Some of the early cars had nickel plated control arms
    • At first I really wanted to go back to this but
  • Current models have (2) AIM Expansion Connectors saving most from having to purchase an expansion hub
  • Early cars used the AIM to actuate the brake lights, later models us a pressure switch
  • As with the Brake lights the AIM had an extra pressure transducer in the air system and controlled the compressor
  • New Cars have a (1) Piece Radiator Hose for the Inlet and Outlet
  • Current models feature a Clutch switch & Remote Mounted Oil Pressure Transducers
  • The CV's are now pre-packed with CV2 High Temp Grease
  • Moved from Aluminum to Steel AeroCatch Studs
  • Many other changes including the manufactures of the CV Joints, wheels.....