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Official 2023-05-19 Safety Notice - TO ALL CUSTOMERS 2023-05-19

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To all our customers, please read this important SAFETY NOTICE.

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These pictures show the completed repair.

The repair can be performed in a few different ways.

1) Least amount of work, The weld repair can actually be done in the car without completely removing it or dismantling it. The 4 bolts that mount it to the chassis must be removed. The break, clutch and throttle cables can be left in place. The paint is then ground off along the side and back seam. The side seams should be completely welded the back seam should be welded from the ends to the inner supports. The welds should be TIG welded as the frame is aluminum. This welding procedure is the same weather removing the box or not. Obviously this requires the car to be taken to a facility where the weld can be performed. This is less than 1hrs total for the repair.

2) Pedal box removal. Remove the pedal box as above, remove the barrel from the end of the throttle cable and clutch cable. Remove the master cylinders, leaving the brake lines connected which will eliminate the need to bleed the brakes afterward.

With the pedal box removed it can be taken to a qualified welder where the welding should be performed as in 1 above.

3) Follow the instructions in 2 above, once the pedal box is removed from the car, box it up and send it to us. We will do the weld repair and send it back.

4) Lastly we are happy to send out a new pedal box frame to anyone who wishes it rather than the above options. This is however the most work as the pedal box will have to be completely disassembled and rebuilt.

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