****** SOLD *****The Perfect Rush SR Trailer

For sale: Custom built Rush SR Trailer. All the best of the best designed to fit around the RUSH SR.

2019 Mission 26’ Car Hauler

All Aluminum, 20’ Box, 6' Extended Tongue, Torsion 5200lb. Spread Axles, Side door and driver exit door (has towed a late model Camaro inside too), Built in Cabinets, 200-W Solar System, 2000 Watt DC/AC Inverter, 5000lb. Winch, Lithium Batteries, Cargo Box, Rubber Floor, Bob Tail, Exterior Load Lights, 30gl. Fuel Station, Extended Load Ramps, TV/DVD Player, Stereo, Tire Rack, Floor Jack, Fluid Cabinets, Rear load Jacks, Two Tone Smooth Siding Red/White, Full Finished Interior, LED Lighting, Electric Toque Jack, Overhead Rack for Mattress (mattress included), Bed Frame, Fuel Door, One Piece Aluminum Roof. Upgraded Trailer connections.

Super light. Tow with an SUV.
Designed to fit in a garage if you have the length.

Perfect Track day hauler for our cars.

Located in Fresno California

Call Jeff at Fresno Powersports



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Random question for ya @Fresno Powersports .
Do you know the name of the red color Rush shown in these pics?
I'm thinking of wrapping my rush in mostly red with a black overhead scoop + some accents.
Always so hard judging the swatches. There are so many reds out there but your color is pretty much exactly what i'm looking for.