New to Rush @ Hallett

James Willams

Rush SR Owner
May 15, 2023
Hey all, just wanted to share a few photos and video of my recent outing at Hallett. I couldn't have done it without the support provided from the Rush team, so thank you so to Dave, Blair, and everyone else involved. Y'all made it an absolutely amazing event. The food, the stories, and the support was unmatched by anything I've experienced. Thank you so much.

It was my first time driving the car, and man I cannot tell you how spot on they got the name. What a rush... (Yeah yeah, I'll see myself out.) The way it balanced itself and gave predictable feedback was incredible, I started being able to predict exactly what the car would do. That inspired so much confidence that I was truly shocked walking away from the weekend. I ended up turning a 1:23.11, which for me I was quite happy with. A far cry from the expert over there in his 1:19's, but hey I'll take the steady improvements I made over the weekend.

A little bit of onboard:


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