New Member and new Rush!

Gene Lyras

Rush SR Owner
Oct 8, 2023
Hi All,

I am a new member and the proud co-owner of chassis #142.
We purchased our Rush from Bruce Meyers of Meyers Performance who is a member of Club Motorsports in Tamworth NH which is our home track.
Bruce has a Rush at the track which we were able to test drive and once we did we were hooked! My friend and I are both Porsche owners (Cayman GT4 and S) but wanted to experience a new type of vehicle (and one with lower operating costs!).
We have only tracked the Rush two days so far and just finished the break in procedures. All I can say is “Wow”! What an amazing car and so much fun to drive. It has far exceeded our expectations. I am looking forward to getting more seat time and really experiencing this machine.

This is the 5th Rush that has been sold to a member of our track and it is due to the incredible support and enthusiasm from Bruce at Meyers Performance. Having him onsite to support Us has been invaluable.

Looking forward to learning more from the Rush community on this Forum.

Picture of me during a break in session and of our car next to Chassis #141.



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Looks great Gene! I'm sure you're having a blast. Let me know if you ever make it down to Palmer.

You may want to reposition your seat. It does not look safe in the case of a rollover.
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Thanks Sam,

Appreciate the offer!

I should have mentioned that the seat was not in its final position at first. Bruce has put it on a slider and we were testing out different options. We realized it was too high but ran a few sessions to break it in. We have since lowered it 2” which I hope to test this weekend. Definitely appreciate you noticing that and pointing it out!

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Thanks for starting this. For the group, Gene and friends bought ours together, mine is chassis 141. Couple more in the area are expecting theirs shortly.

The car is laugh-out-loud fun, a great learning platform, and comes with the exceptional support from Bruce. He and Susie have made the process so easy. Bruce has a unique trait that he combines patience (acquainting us to its operation and care) along with a get it done approach... and personally is just such a delight to be around.

This car also will take about $15K of running costs out of tracking my GT3 (would be a ton more if I track day insured it). I know, I made the cardinal mistake of tallying track day costs.

Shout out to Matt Romanowski and the AiM team for all the help getting me up to speed on the Dash Logger and SC.

Also special mention to Jim, Mike and the team at Club Motorsport to offer such a wonderful venue to begin and enjoy this journey

Looking forward to a Kaizen Autosport 2 day event and then the 3 days with Carolinas PCA at VIR week after next.
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