I'm a Rush owner!


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Jul 22, 2023
K0G 1S0
Hello everyone, I am now officially on the order books for a new SR. I live in eastern Ontario Canada and travelled out to Calgary in late August to visit Turn17 Garage and try out the Rush. Seeing it in the flesh for the first time when I drove into the track, I knew right then this looked like the car for me! After the first session I knew I found what I was looking for, and the second session solidified my decision, what a RUSH! I can't wait for the spring and to get the car.
I raced motorcycles of all types for 45 years, (off road and track). Being a purist at heart, roadracing 125 and 250cc Grands Prix bikes was my big passion, small lightweight bikes with great power. After a very bad motorcycle accident and not being able to ride anymore, I was missing the track real bad. I had looked at the SR previously, but the company was just starting to sell the car so I decided to try out a C7 Corvette to do track days with. I love the car, but consumables are very expensive, it's still a bigger car, and I knew smaller and lighter was the way to go. So back to the Rush it was and now I have one coming, woohoo! Look forward to meeting some of you in the future. Cheers.
Steve Busby


Hi Steve. Welcome!! We are down in NH at Club Motorsports. Get in touch after you receive your car. We can work out a weekend of fun here with our Rush customers!

Bruce Meyers
(Former BCM Ducati dealer in Laconia...may have met you at Mosport or Shubie back in the day!)
Hi Bruce, thanks for the welcome. I was talking to Cale a couple of weeks ago and he mentioned you were in NH. We had just got home from Billerica MA the day before.
I checked out your track today and it looks amazing! You are about 7 hrs from me, but I’d love to come down and spend a couple of days there if possible.
I was a big Ducati fan and raced at Loudon, back when it was Bryar Motorsport Park, so I might have been at your shop as well! I raced at Mosport and Shubie in the 80’s and 90’s, so our paths may very well have crossed.