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Mar 23, 2024
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Good morning all. Cheddar from WI. (Real name!) I own WI Motorsports (Repair and modification shop) and am not new to the race scene. We’ve sponsored many race teams, in many different formats, both on and off road, 2 wheels and 4. Lately, I've desperately wanted to get on track myself, instead of doing all the maintenance/sponsoring side of things. However, while deciding on a race car, I didn't want to break the bank. I also wanted to really showcase what the business could do.

I original purchased and built up 2 DF Kit Car Goblins, one supercharged, one turbocharged, and did have a bunch of fun with them. Breaking down a SS cobalt, reworking a wiring harness, and basically building a car step by step was an experience and was definitely rewarding when completed. Won just about every car show it was in its first year!

However, when it came to actually doing track days with it, I found it almost impossible to find a suitable class, or enough of them to actually compare times/setups with. Even getting the car to pass tech at the majority of tracks was extremely hard. Usually placing my vehicle in a class of either absolutely radical builds, or simply not allowing it on course due to the open wheel concept. I thought I was doomed. Until an event I attend every year (Gridlife) mentioned a race series called - Rush SR. One Google search later - HOOKED.

Now that I’m focusing more on track time, either time attack, or W2W action, I’ve signed up for several driving school programs which I definitely feel will be beneficial. The problem with the Goblins is there is no class and a good probability I’ll be shunned away at tech. Also if I crash, parts are all custom and the company that does assembly these are very poor at getting back to their customers.

(Thanks for listening to my back story) So the other day, I ordered my rush, and now look forward to having a more acceptable race car. I do have a million questions that I’d love if a few of you could answer.

- after your initial order, how long does it take for completion on average?
- are there certain parts/option you can add at ordering that absolutely necessary vs installing on your own or skipping all together?
- with this being an actual series, is there like certain parts you can or can’t install with the risk of being disqualified.

Appreciate your response in advance and look forward to becoming part of the community.


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One of my diving instructors had a Goblin and I got to ride in it a few times. Fun car, but ultimately a bit slow. The Rush is quite a bit faster and far far more visceral.

But to answer your questions the best I can.....

1) Lead-times: I'm not sure what they are now, but you are likely looking at 6 months. There are routinely a few cars on sale by dealers or owners that pop up.

2) The option list has changed over time. The original car came with very few options, and you really wanted the pneumatic paddle shift system. Almost no-one ordered that stripped car so they eventually just made the base car with that option package. I think they have one optional package called "Race" which includes the fire suppression system that is mandatory for W2W. They also give you a couple of AIM screen options, and two different steering wheel types (formula style or standard round) but those are more of a matter of taste. Most of the other "options" are spare parts... Talk to your Dealer or Rush directly to get current Options list. For me, I got the big AIM screen (old eyes) and the race package for the fire suppression system.

I just looked at one of the postings that had a Rush for sale... Here are my favorite options

SR01-07 Rush SR Race Spec Package
21400 5 lb SFI Fire System with Mechanical Pull & 3 Nozzles
11800 Wind Deflector - This really helps minimize helmet buffeting, I ended up making my own since this wasn't an option when I purchased
23800-U SR LMP Style Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel - This isn't required and I have both wheels. I use the LMP as the regular one brushes my knee slightly.
34400 Shock N2 Upgrade 4 - This is a new upgrade, and highly recommended as it increases the nitrogen capacity by about 10x. Making maintenance easier.
51B00 Rush SR Rollbar Light - This is also highly recommended so other larger cars can see you. So if you run NASA it HELPS!
80610000 SR Billet Sprocket Cover - These are chain driven cars and IF the chain brakes it CAN damage the shift rod in the engine. This sprocket cover is designed to prevent that from happening. This is an option that I will have installed on my rush shortly.

3) There are 2 basic ways to do W2W racing with the Rush. NASA (or SCCA i guess) in ST2. Here you have far more flexibility. Things like aftermarket wings, splitters, etc can be modified. You are a little stuck with the tires and engine map as there really is no wiggle room in ST2 for our cars. With the Rush Race Series, you basically can ONLY have parts sold by Rush.

To be honest, the stock Rush is a very capable car and is loads of fun to run. It does take a slightly different driving style than many of the cars owners have moved from so there is a learning curve. The running costs for the Rush are very reasonable, and even cheaper if you don't ding body panels or kill starters. Some of the Rush series have had more carnage than I would like in W2W racing as many of the drivers are new to W2W.
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Hi Cheddar, congratulations on the purchase! We are the Rush dealer for Wisconsin and are happy to assist in any questions you may have with your Rush! Feel free to give my cell a call or text anytime regarding anything Rush. Note, we will be at Road America testing April 20-21, you're welcome to stop out!

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Hi Cheddar,
The Rush is a great car on the track. My home track is Road Atlanta, and I have also had it at Barber and AMP. I do more HPDE (DCRA, PCA and CHIN) than W2W in NASA righ now, but in the past have raced an SRF3 in SCCA. The Rush is more fun and is nimble in traffic.

I have a crew member with me for events and have a mechanic, because that end is not my thing. I find the cost very reasonable, particularly tires and other consumables.