Regulations for 2022 Rush SR Spec Series

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Regulations for 2022 Rush SR Spec Series - 2022 Rush SR Spec Series Regulations

The RUSH Auto Works Inc (RAW) SR Race series shall be conducted following the Sporting Regulations, CCR’s, GCR’s... of the organizing entity. Those Sporting Regulations shall be supplemented by these RAW SR Race Series Technical Regulations.

These Technical Regulations have been established to control the spec nature of the RAW SR Race Series. The intent is to ensure that the focus of the series is on a driver’s ability in the car rather than his wallet. The whole Ethos of RUSH Auto Works...

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NASA ST/TT 2023 Qualification for Rush SR

A few weeks ago the qualification requirements for all cars in the 2023 season were released. The Rush SR has a Mod factor of -2.7 (quite aggressive compared to e.g. Thunder Roadster GTR). This essentially seems designed to prevent the car from running on slicks in ST2. Despite this, the car has been competing well.

See rules below and the inputs you can use for the NASA ST/TT Car Classification Form. Resources were taken from the old FB group.

classification penalty.jpeg

ST:TT Rush SR 1.jpg

ST:TT Rush SR 2.jpg
ST:TT Rush SR 3.jpg
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