Regulations for 2022 Rush SR Spec Series

Official Regulations for 2022 Rush SR Spec Series 2022-12-23

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The RUSH Auto Works Inc (RAW) SR Race series shall be conducted following the Sporting Regulations, CCR’s, GCR’s... of the organizing entity. Those Sporting Regulations shall be supplemented by these RAW SR Race Series Technical Regulations.

These Technical Regulations have been established to control the spec nature of the RAW SR Race Series. The intent is to ensure that the focus of the series is on a driver’s ability in the car rather than his wallet. The whole Ethos of RUSH Auto Works Inc and the cars we build will always be to make our sport, even at a high-performance level, affordable and attainable. These Technical Regulations have been developed to promote that Ethos through our RAW SR Race Series.

As with any spec series set of Technical Regulations, these regulations will be interpreted by our technical staff as clear written rule. In short if it does NOT say you Can, then you Can’t. Do so and expect to be handed the penalty as defined by the Sporting Regulations, Race Director or Technical Stewards as appropriate! The rules are not extensive, so they are not open to varied interpretation or the ability to find a loophole that allows performance advantages to be found.....
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