Wrap for the SR

I am looking for the wrap file that would be needed for a wrap company to print the graphics on. I know there is an ai file posted here but that appears to be just a layout so that a design could be created. There must be something else that a wrap shop needs with sizes, shapes contours etc so printed graphics come out straight over the contours. If there are owners that have had their cars wrapped, whomever did those wraps would have such a file I presume. We are getting ready to wrap potentially 8 cars out here in California. Thanks in advance.
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David Hosie

It's all my fault
Dec 15, 2022
Sugar Land, TX 77479
I would recommend contacting Brad.Burgess here in the community. He owns a car and has wrapped more SRs than anyone!

The print layout differs depending on design so its just not as clear cut as a template.

I talked with him last week about printing vinyl for customers to have their own installer install and he was open to the idea on a case by case basis.
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