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Winterizing your Rush SR 2022-12-23

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Sam Reed

Sandwich Retriever
Dec 14, 2022
Palmer, MA
From Dave:

We don't use antifreeze in our cars for obvious reasons, drain the coolant system if you are subject to freezing temperatures where the car is stored.If leaving unused for an extended time please also either disconnect the regulator or put it on a battery tender, other wise you will likely kill the batteries.

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There are several reasons. Many organizations or tracks actually restrict or ban the use of antifreeze. If a car has a coolant leak antifreeze dumped on track is worse than oil, it’s like ice on the track and is a lot harder to clean up than oil. The best way to clean it up is with copious amounts of water which dilutes it but washes it off the track into the soil. Antifreeze is +/- 50% EG which is classed as a hazardous substance and is controlled by the EPA. It has spill reporting requirements with an RQ of 1000# which obviously is not an issue. However once washed off the track into surrounding soil that soil will show trace amounts from a soil sample even years later. That can trigger major testing requirement for the property owner. lastly within the Motorsport community it is simply considered a courtesy to the cars you are sharing the track with, your burst hose may well total the car behind you.
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