What size car numbers are you getting?

Ben Perry

Dec 14, 2022
Manvel, TX 77578
For simplicity I would go with the NASA requirements. Vehicle Appearance
9.1 Car Numbers and Class Designation
All NASA ST cars must display the car’s number on both sides and the front and rear of the car.
Numbers must be of a contrasting color to the car or otherwise clearly visible, at least 10-inches
tall with a 1.5-inch stroke for the sides, and four (4) inches tall for the front and rear. NASA ST
cars must also display a class designation on both sides and the front and rear of the car in a
four-inch height in contrasting color to the car. Class Designations shall be ST followed by the
group number. For example, an ST2 class competitor would display “ST2” as a class
designation. Drivers are also encouraged to place their class designation in contrasting colors on
the inside of their front window, so that a driver in front of them can easily determine in his rear
view mirror if the cars are in his class or not. The NASA ST Series Leader may require this
additional identifier, especially if there are multiple vehicles competing that are the same model
and color, but in different classes.
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