What ramps are people using?


I had some super tiny race ramps that I previously used to get my Subaru into the garage as it was so low and the garage had a 1" lip..... they are not ideal but with some blanks of wood and angling the trailer.... the Rush scoots right on in!
It's important to remember that anything you buy/use is specific to YOUR trailer. Make sure you understand what you need before you buy.

I didn't want to drop $600+ for a set of Race Ramps so I looked around and found these:

I then cut two 4x4 to the height needed (6") to get my trailer door to the "correct" angle, then just set the Harbour Freight ramps on the "lip" that is on my trailer door. NOTE: You CANNOT drive the car onto these ramps in this configuration.

Here is the "finished" assembly.

Trailer Ramps.jpg
TR7 works for me on my ATC, I put the door on the notch and the flap over the top and it still clears. Those are 5.5 degree ramps and there's still a little extra room

You almost have to be more cautious of high siding it then hitting the front lip.