What are you guys using to bleed your brakes? Looking to get something so I can do it with no assistance.

Ben Perry

Dec 14, 2022
Manvel, TX 77578
Vacum bleeding works, but pulls a lot of air through the threads of the bleeder and can be time consuming. We drill a hole in the reservoir cap and thread in a 1/8" NPT fitting. This can be hooked up to a pressure bleeder and makes bleeding a breeze at 10psi. We use a Motive Model 0109 bleeder, but there's lots out there.
Here's a link to a spare cap to drill a hole into:



Rush SR Owner
Jan 1, 2023
Houston, TX 77079
Ben, I actually ordered that part from Pegasus and it didn't fit correctly on my car (#43). I bought a whole reservoir from Rush and the cap fit just fine. Not sure why it didn't work (threads felt like they were cross threading). I did this trick and it is very simple for bleeding (use the technique on all of my other cars).
Thank you for sharing I need to make a pressure bleeding cap.

I highly recommend vacuum bleeding, it is clean, easy, fast.... I go through at least 5-7 gallons of SRF a year all done via vacuum bleeder. It is very nice as it evacuates the residual fluid in the bleed screw, and short of running the master dry is nearly fool proof.
That being said we pressure bleed all systems that have been opened. The pressure, we shoot for 1.5 to 2 Bar, will help deairate the fluid which allows for easier bleeding, this is why they started adding nitrogen to shocks long ago.