Toy hauler

Bret DiGiacomo

Rush SR Owner
Dec 21, 2022
Jacksonville, FL
posted on FB but figured I’d give some more insight in here.

Owned a forest river FSX 178 BHSKX.. I know.. a mouthful. Great little camper. LOVE every bit if it…. Only issue, can’t camp at race weekends without making my wife tow the other trailer.

Was able to trade both of my trailers in for the perfect solution.. the same exact trailer plus a 12 ft garage.. now for what you should know… I spent days researching different options and there’s an abundance of trailers that would be perfect for the SR at a wide range of prices. If you’re considering this toy hauler route, I highly consider a date with your computer for a few nights to research.

There’s massive rigs that would be most ideal, big garage, lots of storage, etc.
There’s others that have the garage space in the living room.. which is ideal if you’re looking to use the space when the car’s at the track.