Sprocket Mount Upgrade


Baby Driver
Dec 18, 2022
Houston, TX 77041
We have seen a reliability issue with the original aluminum sprocket carrier, particularly on the drive by wire engine but not limited to it. A few of these failures have led to significant additional driveline component damage. Some of these failures certainly have been caused by the bolts in the carrier or sprocket coming loose which results in an impact loading on the drive keys.

As a result, and in an effort to increase reliability and reduce running costs we have redesigned the sprocket carrier moving to a steel design with larger clamping bolts.

For those who would like to make the switch to a higher strength mount new revised sprocket mounts can be purchased here
https://raw-parts.com/.../product/sprocket-carrier-steel/ !

If you have any additional questions, please contact Blair at bhosie@rushautoworks.com