solar panels for the trailer.


Rush SR Owner
Jan 10, 2023
Whitneyville, CT 06517
we have had a problem at the track we go to for many days in a row keeping the 12 volt batteries up to full charge. the only way the batteries charge is by the truck plug into the trailer and running. they do not charge by shore power or by the generator. why I have no idea I never looked. half the lights and the radio in the trailer are running off battery and the rest runs either on propane , shore power or generator.
the generator that was in the trailer took up floor space for the cars so I removed it and replaced it with a harbor freight portable one. I got tired of dragging it in and out of the trailer plus when we would travel and stop over night at a rest area we couldn't use it as it would sit next to our trailer running. you can't do this at rest areas.
I took an old box a engine cam in and mounted it in the bed of the truck and run a cord to it so it stays hooked up when the trailer and truck are connected.
this took care of the generator problem.

for the batteries and keeping them at full charge when sitting I went to harbor freight and bought a solar kit for 200$
last week I mounted the panels on the roof of the trailer and got it hooked up. not wanting to drill into the center of the trailers roof I used some pressure treated 1x4's that I screwed into the side of the roofs framing and used construction adhesive across the boards on the roof. then screwed the panels down to the boards.
sadly I have the wiring running down the outside of the camper part of the trailer . this I will put into some wire raceway when I comes in from amazon.
the good is the trailer has been sitting for the last week and the battery power is still at 13.8 volts with the main battery power switch turned on and things like the radio light along with a few other things still pulling power out of the batteries. one thing about the trailer is if the battery voltage drops below 11.5 volts the hydraulic tongue jack will not work.