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David Hosie

It's all my fault
Dec 15, 2022
Sugar Land, TX 77479
We get asked a lot where to buy setup equipment. Marty at MK Technologies has been my go to for over 20 years. He is one of the best in his field.

Quick jacks, Short and High stands, camber toe tools, A-frame lifts he has it all.

RAW do manufacture our own car specific Toe Alignment Bars, Let Blair know if you need a set.

Other than that please check out Marty's stuff at Be careful though its a toy store all to its self!

Here is some of his stuff.







Having dealt with Marty for a number of years and spent what amounts to the GDP of a couple of small nations with him, I can vouch for both his service and the quality of his products.

Turn 17 uses a number of his products (as do our customers) a-Frame lifts, rolling carts, scale pads, toe boards, hub stands, etc to name a few.


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Yes, just call him for pricing. Super nice guy to talk too (go figure for a Canadian, LOL)

I have also just bought an alignment setup from him. The setup wheels, two camber plates, and eventually their new wireless scales. I haven't gotten them yet, but expecting any day. He is very familiar with the Rush, so just call and tell him that is the car and what you want.
Just an update, finally got time to get the setup wheels from Marty setup. Will work on my first use of them in the next week or two.

I also found a perfect sized case to keep them safe and sound from "Condition 1". Their medium trunk is about perfect. While the case doesn't feel as sturdy as my Pelican ones, it is also much cheaper and better sized for this application.



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