Seat mount punched through seat


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Jan 9, 2023
Fayetteville, GA 30214
I’m out at Road Atlanta this weekend and finally have my car functioning after having bad CVs (no grease from factory), bad shift arm mount, bad fuel pump, etc. Rush did replace the CVs and the shift arm at their cost.

I finally started being able to put down (decent-ish) lap times.

1:35-1:36s for those who are interested. The car really handles quite well. I find the airing of the shocks a bit annoying to have to do each day and hope they go to a different design at some point.

Going into a turn I am greeted by the sound of my seat mount punching through the paper thin fiberglass seat.


Has anyone sourced an actual safe seat for these cars? As it one that is made of thick fiberglass or Kevlar like a normal FIA approved seat for a racecar?



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It appears from the pictures that this seat was also mounted with the mounting bolt positioned in the curve? Its hard to tell from the pics if that is the case but if so it was mounted incorrectly as the head of the bolt cannot sit flat and will overstress the fiberglass. That does not however mitigate that there was a manufacturing error in the seat. That process was changed some time ago and the process corrected.

This seat was not mounted by us or the customer but by a shop that is no longer associated with RAW.
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If you are looking for a seat that is the same as rushes in carbon tillet out of the UK makes the same seat. It's over 1000 dollars. I am 6'5 285 lbs and I had my seat crack. I reglassed it with stronger fiberglass from the mid back all the way down. I have had no problems since doing so.
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