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RUSH SR Service Intervals 2023-03-02

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David Hosie

It's all my fault
Dec 15, 2022
Sugar Land, TX 77479
David Hosie submitted a new resource:

RUSH SR Service Intervals - RUSH SR Service Intervals

We have a vary varied clientèle for the SR, some have extensive race car knowledge and other are only familiar with their road cars. We have needed a maintenance schedule for a long time. Attached you will find our initial recommendations. The SR is a true race car, it has a lot of vibrations and certainly runs quite stiff, its not a Cadillac ride! Most of you have heard me say cleaning your car is the first part of keeping it maintained. This schedule should help keep you looking in the...

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@David Hosie

For the sphericals, how do we grease them? Remove and pump into grease hole? I don't imagine slathering it on top will do.

Looked like it came with white lithium?

*david said
"They use a prelube metal liner, metal to metal ptfe impregnated. There is insufficient space to add additional lube, we grease them with lithium to give some protection from debris!"

"So the 8h greasing call out is just to put grease around the outside?"

"cleaning them first is more important"
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