Rekluse Clutch


Rush SR Owner
Jan 9, 2023
Fayetteville, GA 30214
I have heard that Radicals use Rekluse clutches as an option so that in the event they spin they don't damage the starter / motor. Would it be against the spec class rules to do this to our cars? I can't imagine any performance gain from a Rekluse. This is assuming that Rekluse clutches do in fact provide some level of spin protection.
the recluse clutch on my dirt bike is pretty cool in tight areas you don't need to feather the crap out of the clutch to maneuver the bike.

the chances of the car in a spin and it dropping down to idle for the clutch to disengage is pretty slim.
you have to remember any amount of throttle/RPM will start to engage the clutch so to a point the more throttle the more engagement.
were they would help is for the people that keep selling there cars and just can't get the hang of a motorcycle clutch in a car.
because of our renters and almost every one will stall the cars many times until they get the hang of it I was thinking about installing the recluse clutches on our rentals. down side is they don't make one for the GSXS engines.

if your concerned about ruining a clutch in a spin then both feet in. you should be able to get both feet in before the car starts to roll backwards and ruin the starter. in the rare case you can't just have an extra starter on hand in fact you should have an extra starter on hand anyways.
it only takes a few minutes to change the starter on the Rush cars. it takes longer to remove and install the rear clamshell then it does to replace the starter.
I would totally avoid the cheap eBay starters!!! we repair many motorcycle powered cars in our race shop. we have had real bad luck with cheap aftermarket starters. you can get a quality starter from your area Rush dealer or from RAW.
Bummer, I was hoping the Radical forums were right… I spun once a few months back and do keep an extra in the tool box now as to not lose the weekend. I know it’s an easy fix but it is a guaranteed race DNF with the tow in…. Oh well.
even if they offered one for the GSXS I would say in most cases it's not really going to save the starter.
how they work is on centrifugal force as the clutch basket is spinning the shoes slid and start locking the clutch up the faster the clutch spins the more the clutch locks. they go to full lock at a low RPM/speed. it starts to lock up just off idle. on my bike I can start the bike in gear but as soon as I crack the throttle open very slightly the clutch starts to engage. this works great for applications of bike engines in cars as there is no flywheel mass to help get the cars going with out stalling them.
my idea with the Rush cars and renting them to people not being used to the clutches is it would be much easier for them to get the cars going.