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Recommended Spare Parts 2023-01-27

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David Hosie

It's all my fault
Dec 15, 2022
Sugar Land, TX 77479
We get asked a LOT for what we recommend for spares. Frankly that is different for each of us, if you are running exclusively where there is a parts dealer at track with you, whether you are traveling half way across the country to events or simply just your budget constraints. All of these will affect your choices.

We have compiled these two basic lists of things to carry that may save your day and prevent a track day from being cut short. The extended list includes everything in the basic list plus basic tuning needs, an extra set of shocks, an extra set of wheels, two sets of tires, a half shaft, and alignment bars (which some of you may already have).

A full list of parts can be found in resources.

NOTE: we will have our new RUSH starter motors by the end of February that we have had made to our specs. We will be able to provide these at 1/2 the cost of the OEM Suzuki / Denso units!


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  • Extended Spares List - Rush SR.pdf
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