Oil analysis is worth the money.

John H

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Jan 1, 2023
De Leon Springs, FL 32130
If you're unaware of it's existence, oil analysis is where you send a used sample of oil in and they preform some basic tests. The most important of the tests is mass spectrometry which tells you what is in the oil (that shouldn't be).

I've had two engines saved (BMWs), now unfortunately I can add a third, the crazy high aluminum content prompted a compression test which tested quite bad.

My cars still under warranty so Rush will be covering it. Many mfg. don't have any warranty let alone one that covers the engine, so that's always been pretty impressive.

The BMWs it saved, one was an improperly built motor (not by me) where the pistons knocked the oil squirters off and the forged crankshaft clearanced the oil pan on it's own :rolleyes: . The second had a very slow coolant to oil leak in the head gasket between the coolant jacket and the low pressure oil drain (meaning it's impossible to detect any other way and causes the oil to be highly degraded).

I've spent $1k+ on oil analysis over the years but I've certainly saved more.

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