Maintenance schedule

Michael Schneider

Fresno Powersports
Jan 3, 2023
Fresno, CA 93710
Looking to pull all the known service interval's

I will be making an OEM style run time/(inspection , replacement, cleaning) chart specific to the SR as I get info.
So far I have
engine oil run time at 8hr
Chain lube .5hr
Inspect diff oil at __hr
Throttle body sync__hr
Spark plugs __hr
Inspect pads__hr

Looking for more info as the Suzuki one will not be accurate.


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Sam Reed

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Dec 14, 2022
Palmer, MA
Just to add to this for future reference, here's the full manual and the exported maintenance pages.


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Thank you for sharing the GSX manuals that is a great!
Unfortunately we are still taking baby steps and don’t have any history yet to form a definitive guide but we are building it. The tough part will be the expectations of the driver, not the actual wear though. For our highly competitive drivers replacement of all moving parts is a drop in the bucket, compared to street cars, every season or more frequently. For those grass roots racing they will replace when its broke. So we generally try and find some middle ground which only comes with many years of operation.

I would also have the expectations that we will all find little tips and tricks to extend service intervals. For instance we use OEM CV axles on all our cars but have them micro-polished, put in high temp grease and add vent tubes and they last considerably longer.

John H

Rush SR Owner
Jan 1, 2023
De Leon Springs, FL 32130
David said
Clean chain every 4 hours
Replace chain at 20h intervals (sounded like a conservative chap insurance choice)
Maintain 1/2" chain tension inspect frequently

Check/fill shock pressures daily

@David Hosie what other things should we be maintaining/adjusting besides standard road car stuff we all (should) know?
I think I saw somewhere you said some joints needed greasing?
Diff fluid intervals?
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