I’ve not yet mounted a camera and looking at the Smarty Cam 3. Anyone bought one? Advice on lens angle 67 vs 84 degrees?

Sam Reed

Sandwich Retriever
Dec 14, 2022
Palmer, MA
The Dual is very cool. It's not just way more capable hardware than the 2.2GP, it has real Ethernet and USB-C and a raw 3G-SDI video output (none of the other Smartycams have that output). I haven't seen anybody do it in the wild yet, but like their own marketing website teases, you could stream dual video with overlay to the pits via cell modem.



Rush SR Owner
Jan 1, 2023
Houston, TX 77079
I do something similar with my VBOX camera, but use a RAM mount style. Since I have quite a few RAM mount components and use them in most of my cars.

This is what I use to attach the RAM to roll bar.

Then I use this to "hold" the camera.

However, the AIM mount for the actual camera is MUCH nicer than the VBOX version. The VBOX is a plastic holder which i don't trust in the open environment of the Rush. So I think the proposed solution for the AIM is very nice.