How loud is the SR?

David Hosie

It's all my fault
Dec 15, 2022
Sugar Land, TX 77479
I am posting this here as I don't want to question the same question time after time in the FB group. Now I can just copy the post link.

There are actually three stages:

  1. Stock Baffles, quite quiet, certainly not a race car, 92-93 db at 50ft.
  2. Baffles removed end cap removed, then baffles re-inserted. More Civic R, 95-96 db at 50ft.
  3. Baffles fully removed, more old F1 ish, 98-101 db at 50 ft.

For Rush SR Series, the race db plates are removed unless specified for the event.

The baffles are an insert that goes in the end of the exhaust tip. They are held in place by a single set screw from the bottom. On the inner end there is a cap that can be removed. That is stage 2 above.

The most extensive sound testing was done over multiple days and conditions by Steven Torry at RMMP, I credit him for this work, results are taken from his data. No he did not drive a Tesla on track. At least if he did he would likely deny it!

I highly recommend either wearing radio earbuds or ear protection. You will not likely hear much of the exhaust but the air intake is 3" behind your head!

Of note if you remove the baffles please keep them handy in your trailer, we do not sell them separately. There will be some tracks you will potentially visit where you will be black flagged off without them!