First Run


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Jan 10, 2023
Whitneyville, CT 06517
we did our break in runs at the track with the new rush cars.
if the smile on me wife face you can see thru her helmet doesn't tell you everything all we can say is WOW!
I started racing cars and track event's when I was 17 and karts along with motorcycles at the age of 7 for the last 20 years we have been doing about 50 to 60 track events a season so I have loads of seat time under my belt. in that time I have driven some pretty fast cars like LMP challenge , Porsche cup , MX5 cup , Ferrari's , countless motorcycle powered cars like F1000s , swift's, dwarf cars , legend cars and on and on plus the 7 and now 8 track cars we own now.
the 1st few run sessions in the rush cars we couldn't push much as we were doing the break in runs but towards the end of the 3rd and our last two run sessions we were able to start to push the cars.
I left the cars for breaking in at there stock setting all I did was check the balance and the alignment set the stock tire pressures.
the day was a chilly and overcast so we were not looking to set any lap records plus it was just a track day.
with the car on one run I lapped every car once some twice and a few three times. two cars were heavy hitters being a GT3 RSR Porsche and a friends fully built Camaro with 800 plus HP running on R7's. after the run he comes over and asked about the rush car. things like HP when I told him the HP of the engine and then he looked at what tires we are running and asked about them my reply was they are 100 TW tires all he could say was WTF! he is a pro class driver so in no way a squid!
I passed him in the twisty bits and he said he thought he would pass me back on the main straight. that never happened and as the lap went on I just kept pulling on him.
at Thompson with the rush my average lap times were mid 1:14's the best was a low 1:14 I left some on the plate as it was a break in day so with a proper setup and better track conditions the times will drop much more. but I was so pleased at the end of the day if Dave was there I would have kissed him!!!!
these cars out of the box are very drivable giving great feedback and just don't do stupid things under you.
I have to tip my hat to Dave as when I was setting up the cars and prepping them he gave tough to even the simple thing.
when I was the crew chief on the LMP challenge team I wish the chassis builder had the same though on those cars.

the attention the cars got was nuts! we have been to the tracks with some pretty rare and unusual cars but they didn't get the same attention that the rush cars got.
I hardly had time to lube the chains and fuel them with people stopping over asking about the cars.
when I got up the next morning my emails in box had 16 people inquiring about the cars the next morning I had 22 days later I'm still getting inquiries about the cars.

before we drove the cars I was reading posting about things like the mirrors shaking the brake pedal to hard and so on.
sorry I don't have a problem with the things people were saying! do the mirrors stay rock solid ? NO ! but I sure don't have a problem with them. I have driven cars that are far worse like the LMPC car at 200MPH even our other sports racer has worse mirror shake.
brake pedal: it's Ferm as it should be and give very good feel.

Dave thanks for designing and building a great car !!!!

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