Easy front body work removal with dolly.

Thanks for this great process & clear video. Anyone have a similar technique for 1 person removal of rear body work?
Arms over top of the wing and down, hands between the risers, palms out, fingers in the riser cutouts (the rounded part is most comfortable) lift straight up until clears, waddle backward.

The rear is a bit of work, but manageable. I mulled over some options for easy removal. One was a drywall hoist which would be easy to integrate and make it a breeze, but that's a big piece to haul around so not great solution. The other more elegant solution would be 3 gas shocks to just lift the whole shell to a serviceable height (without removal) but it would be an involved design and the rear is not that much of a pain to tackle right now.
Here's a rudimentary setup I built to help lift bodywork easily. It's a kid's swing with a kayak hoist pulley system mounted to it with gambrel hooks (coat hanger-style) to allow for 4 separate lift points on the body to better distribute weight (2 on each pulley). It's been a life changer to very quickly remove bodywork. I also installed castors so I can wheel it on the hauler and take it to the track.

As always, you have to be gentle when lifting the body work so you don't snag it on the frame or apply too much pressure to one of the lift points.