Does the Rush Make Me Look Hot?

I can't say I've ever had anything close to a heat issue, given the engine and radiator are behind you and the cockpit is, of course, very open.

At the front bodywork it wouldn't be difficult to install a small duct to shoot air at your legs, but I don't think it's necessary.
I could go 45 minutes at 97 degree ambient air temps and massive humidity with limited issues due to the significant airflow, especially through my helmet. My issues were very much around lack of airflow at low speeds (i.e. trundling down the pit lane and into the garage at session end). Unless you think those vents will help sufficiently at very low speeds, it may not be worth it. My best investment for heat management was a mounted drink bottle / straw to manage the heat at low speeds. I would casually sip while driving but then on the cool down lap and through to the garage, I'd start chugging.
Good advice. I'm not sure I could go 45 minutes down here in Houston in the Rush... It isn't sooo bad once you get moving, but I agree that sitting in the paddock/startline is THE WORST. I have yet to convince the wife to be my umbrella girl on the line 😭

I use a cool suit to survive the start line, and provide some level of cooling during the session. I don't notice it much during the session, but I tend to be more focused on GO GO GO...