CV's plus one


Rush SR Owner
Jan 10, 2023
Whitneyville, CT 06517
so the customers car is back in the shop for more service work. sense it was in the shop and did two track events I wanted to check the CV's after replacing one complete half shaft and rebuilding the other one.
as I thought from the start we will be repackage the CV's every 4 events.
the totally pointless debate on how much CV grease I used and how it didn't do anything but fill the CV boot with grease looks to be totally untrue!
yup a bit of fling out but that's not uncommon after all the reason for the boot it to keep grease in. it and dirt and crap out.
I pulled the end caps in the half shafts and they had no wear at all measuring to a new one.

because of the tool we use to pack CV's and we do them on many cars from the boot side the air and squeeze out pushes the grease out between the CV and stub axles until there is no more air and grease is pushing out from around the hole CV stub axles.
we are also getting waste from it filling the area where the half shaft goes thru the CV.
I'm guessing and it's a guess mind you we get about 10 to 15% waste. because it maybe dirty it's just waste we do not put it back in the tube.
is this where the extra grease is going and why we use more than one tube? maybe????

as for the plastic end caps . agree or disagree if your repacking the CV's I would tend to replace them at the same time it's not a high dollar item.
do the end caps make contact with the stub axles on the rush cars? yup they do! I made up a few for our personal cars out of Delrin we will see how they work out for us.
IMO I would not remove the caps and run it with out them. plastic on metal IMO is better than metal on metal plus after all Dave put them there for a reason.

for our shop we tend to buy in bulk we don't buy just one tube of CV grease at a time we buy it by the case the same with all fluids and filters.
if your package your CV's by hand you will no doubt also be using a bit more CV grease because of waste so you too could end up using more that the single tube or tub has in it.