Comfortable harness and tall people tips

John H

Rush SR Owner
Jan 1, 2023
De Leon Springs, FL 32130
If you are highly reclined and have your belts adjusted properly (lap belt properly positioned lower than you might think), they (cam buckle/crotch bracket) should be digging into your crotch (as you are more pretzeled). The solution to this is a formula belt which eliminates the crotch belt bracket and routes the crotch belts off to the sides. The crotch belt comes around your thigh and is pulled away from your crotch. This is always more comfortable, but especially so in reclined positions. For this to work properly the belt has to come from underneath you so you must add two holes to the seat. Routing a regular 6 point this way will also increase comfort in a similar fashion but less effectively.

For tall people, you are likely going to be sitting as far back and as low as possible (max rollbar clearance). If you take this to the extreme, the shoulder mount points will be too close for a standard clip in bracket and 3 bar slide. A bolt in bracket with Schroths LV4 slide (pictured) has the shortest mounting distance you can get (except for a sewn in bracket). This combo also lets you sit about an inch lower before your shoulder belts reach horizontal than eye loops.