Brake quick bleeders

John H

Rush SR Owner
Jan 1, 2023
De Leon Springs, FL 32130
I've had some time to test these out and they work great for solo bleeding. (I'm not a fan of pressure bleeding for a few reasons). You open them 1/4 turn, they stay sealed, but they open up around 100psi and reseal again below that. Other quick bleeders you risk pulling air in through the threads when you pull the pedal back, but these don't have that risk.

One downside is installed on the front outer caliper, they are VERY close to the wheel (the black wheel, unsure about the silver braids), can't even use a dust cap, though I'm going to print a TPU dust "plug" for them eventually. Oh and cost....

Bleeding tip: The master cylinders (at least mine) don't want to refill right away, you have to tap the pedal a bit before they start to refill. (initially I thought these bleders were being weird but I isolated that behavior away from them). Also set brake bias bar to the middle (which wont be 50%) so you get full stroke on both cylinders.

That is a nice looking set of bleeders, certainly nicer than the standard speed bleeder. I would be very careful with with quick bleeders, I have had a number of issues over the years with the seat not mating well to the caliper seat. I would recommend ink testing the seat to ensure a proper seal before racing on them.

As for bleeding I have tried it all and by far I find vacuum bleeding to be the best. I go through 5-7 gallons of brake fluid a year maintaining our cars and this unit has held up for 3 years now.