Arrive and Drive Rentals Available for the California Invitational This October at Sonoma and Laguna Seca

Fresno Powersports is excited to offer 6 brand new fully broken in Rush SR racecars for arrive and drive opportunities for the upcoming California Rush Double Bucket List Invitational at Sonoma October 13-15 and Laguna Seca October 20-22 2023.

Rentals are open to anyone with at least hpde 3-4 experience or comp license holders and would prefer renting to someone willing to run all 6 days and both events.

Love to have current SR owners from the east coast arrive and race with us.

Rates are only $1000/day all in if rented for all 6 days and both events. $1250/day if only rented for either event with a 3 day minimum. Prices do not include entry and other race fees.

Potential Rush owners looking to experience the car before purchasing, we will apply a 25% rental credit towards the purchase of the car immediately following the event. Race it, then own it!

Contact Jeff @ Fresno Powersports at 559.760.3138 for more details.

Let's go racing!