anti fog visor


Rush SR Owner
Jan 10, 2023
Whitneyville, CT 06517
with the rush open top cars it seams I'm back in the days I was racing motorcycles for 30 years with the visor fogging up in rain.
this wasn't a problem with our MX5 cup cars even though they are open top cars just a little anti fog wipes on the inside of the visor would work for them.
for the motorcycles I would use the pinlock visors for wet weather riding and they never fogged up. sadly they don't have a listing for my particular Bell GTX3 helmet or our other auto racing helmets. pinlocks listings are for motorcycle helmets and as we all know motorcycles helmets are not fire rated so they can't be used in cars.
I ordered a few of the visors that look like they should work for our auto racing helmets so I will see.