air pump for shocks


Rush SR Owner
Jan 10, 2023
Whitneyville, CT 06517
ok so the air pump for the bicycle shocks if you tried using it you know once you get up in range the pump will start to be a total pain in the ??? palm of your hand.
now try doing more than one car at the tracks and you will be hating life.

to shoot a high powered completion air rifle you need a pump that can pump up the tanks to 1500 to 2K lbs this got me thinking .
for the bikes your in most cases only needing to pump up the shocks between 100 to 200 LBS and for that the bike shock pumps work fine.
the problem with the air rifle pumps is the air gauges! because your needing to pump to a higher pressure they are not to accurate at the lower pressures we need for our shocks there is also the problem of the hose connection to the shocks them selves.
I ordered another pump not wanting to butcher up the pump I have. when I get the new pump I will remove the gauge it comes with and order another more accurate gauge for the pressures we need for the shocks. that's once I know what thread the gauge has on it.
the threads for the no lose air valve should be a problem it's a common thread.

this should be compact enough to just keep in the trailer so we don't have to lug around a high pressure tank of nitrogen were ever we go.

if it works I will let you know! if not it's only 70 bucks lost so not a big deal.