AIM SmartyCam GP Mount

We have been working on a camera mount for the AIM Smartycam Bullet camera, this will mount on top of the rollbar centered in the car, attached are a couple of pics of the first prototype and view from the camera (excuse the workshop screen shot).

If anyone is interested in something like this please let me know, we will be producing them in the new year (#D Printed)


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I'm just going to get 2 so I can separately mount a forward and reverse camera... Not sure if I will use the forward mount or keep the mount I have now (I really want to see my hands).
I'm interested in one. Have you defined a price for the mount?

The only one issue I see is that when the car needs to be towed in-track, the tie line usually goes precisely over the center of the roll bar, so as not to damage the front dash and hood cover. It could be a good idea for the mount to have some sort of lateral sills (or even a "box") that goes over the camera, so that even if the car is towed, the camera isn't damaged.
FWIW, the long (6") arms for the smartycam bullet mounts were out of stock for almost half a year and are back now. This can be helpful if you want to mount on the top or side roll bar then lower the camera closer to your helmet to get a better view of the dash and hands.