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Jan 6, 2023
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Like an idiot, I synced my AIM MXS dash to RaceStudio3 on my new laptop not realizing my display layout wasn't fully set up. So I lost my dash that was programmed at the factory. Without knowing specifically how such a transfer of data would work, does anyone have a build I can leverage that has all of the key data points, especially around various temps / brake bias. I can see RPM, speed, gear, etc. and build it up most of the way there. But some of the key car condition elements, I'm a bit lost at how to recreate.

A quality beverage from a local TN beverage maker to anyone who can help!
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Thanks, David. And to you as well, Sam. I appreciate it. Can't believe I missed that thread you started given I specifically searched for it. Must have been the beverages.
Ricky?!?! That name brings me back to my childhood!

[I'm going to be very rudimentary and probably quite beneath anyone reading this but figure I shouldn't assume everyone knows AIM. For those with way more knowledge, correct as needed but my hope is the gist is right.]

Within RS3, you can set up a variety channels (GPS speed, gear, RPM, etc.) in the output telemetry from various sources of data that are plugged in to the AIM Dash (i.e. ECU, AIM GPS module, etc.). This is via the Configurations ribbon at the top of the main interface of RS3. Within this section of RS3, you can new create channels based on data being fed to the dash, tap in to known existing / preprogrammed ones, etc.

As you'd expect, you can then highly customize a dash display interface that takes these channels and displays them on your dash in real time in many different ways from prioritizing one lap pace (predicted time, fast lap delta) to key car conditions (water / oil temp) and everything in between.

Your AIM dash comes preconfigured with much of this already on your Rush. The problem is when you install RS3, some of those channels aren't overtly native within RS3 (i.e. they may need to be manually calculated as they are not necessarily pre-programmed by AIM or aren't 100% intuitive as to what the pre-programmed channel is intended to do). Someone at Rush (Patrick, maybe) did the work of building those channels using the various data sources and overall organizing them in the form of a few dash display pages.

But these dash display pages and the organized channels aren't on your computer with your initial RS3 download. And best as I can tell, the sync is one-way in this regard (RS3 to the Dash but not the dash back to RS3). I'm a tinkerer but not very bright so that's where I got in to trouble. So if you are like me and have never worked with AIM or RS3 and try to play around within RS3 to build your own dash, you are doing so primarily with the pre-programmed channels and some educated guesses of the calculated channels you think are both relevant and available with the data being fed to the dash. But when you then transmit your attempt at a display to your dash, it overwrites (as opposed to adds to) all the hard work Patrick(??) put in to building the stock dash pages for you.

Luckily the fix is extremely simple: jump in to Sam's link above and download the zconfig file and import that in to your RS3 software Configurations page and transmit that to your AIM dash after you have connected RS3 directly to your AIM via wifi. Problem solved.

For more help on this and other AIM topics from someone who has disappointing intelligence, I'm your guy! Just ask.